Scott Stearns

  • Design-Development-Production for Web and Video

Moving Pictures for Changing Times

I’m fortunate to work at the intersection of creative communications and technology and to have been able over the years to acquire real-world experience with film, video and web disciplines.

It’s a joy to use a camera to influence pixels and give expression to ideas and an equal, though different, pleasure to make pixels dance and sing with code and frameworks and software. At each step of the journey, the work has revolved around screens, large and small, for communication and expression. It’s fascinating to observe and interact with these elements in our current environment, as they come together and recombine frequently to form new possibilities for connecting people with ideas and data.

Practice and ongoing learning is my path for honoring the craft, opening new possibilities, and allowing more freedom – freedom to operate in moments where technical terrain must be crossed for the expression to be purer or more spontaneous. Or truer to the intention and the inspiration. Or to gain time or efficiency. And when all goes well to inspire - audiences and clients and fellow travelers.

What was once called the crew, now known as the team, is our most proven, organic means for interweaving skills to meet challenges and address rapid change. Teams offer strength to work at frontiers and greater safety at the edges, where uncertainty and risk are more prevalent but also, accordingly, the possibility for contributing to uplifting our world.


Web DesignResponsive and Mobile DesignFront-End Web DevelopmentDigital VideoWeb VideoEncoding and TranscodingInteractive MediaGraphic DesignIllustrationTechnology StrategyVideo EditingMotion GraphicsDocumentary Production


Adobe Creative Suite:- Photoshop- Illustrator- Dreamweaver- InDesign- Edge Inspect- AcrobatFinal Cut ProMotionSorenson SqueezeAdditional Adobe CC/CS:- AfterEffects- Flash - ActionScript- EncoreiOS SimulatorParallelsMAMP+ more.Languages and Libraries:- HTML5- CSS3- Javascript- PHP- jQueryFrameworks and Platforms:- WordPress- Joomla- Zurb Foundation